Moncho Azpeitia Fine Artworks

Moncho Azpeitia

Visual Artist


We can affirm that Azpeitia’s work is presented to us as a revulsive against the excessive use of color in contemporary painting.

For Azpeitia, color is overrated and he maintains that the visual impact of black on white and its tonal variations is much more impressive and transmits the meaning of his work in a more forceful way.

His style is totally defined and has managed to become a personal seal, which makes us recognize him immediately.

His strokes are strong, firm, energetic. Full of intentionality and mastery. It is a very intuitive way of creating, which takes advantage of mistakes and incorporates them into the work, because imperfection is beautiful and is part of life and the process of every creator.

His subject matter is very varied, but as a common nexus he has the roots of a deep, rural and seafaring Spain. Characters full of life and movement, of sensuality, both masculine and feminine. Azpeitia is sincere, he does not hide or disguise the truth, the reality. In his work we can recognize ourselves, because it is a reflection of our inner self.

His Basque origins, his experiences in Galicia and Asturias, have marked him and the influence of the vanguards that, born of the drama of emigration, tried to reclaim their roots, their culture and a way of life that, marked by the Christian religious influence and popular pagan festivals, was beginning to be lost.

At the same time, already installed in the south of the country, he is enriched with new forms of expression, new dances, new customs to which he knows how to adapt and from which I will be his essence to incorporate it into his work. The north is hard. The south is folkloric, but both are the same country.

Azpeitia presents us with a work that is a reflection of a multicultural Spain that is lost and another that is born. Trying to make us know where we come from, to know where we are going.

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