Fernando Carmona Fine Artworks

Fernando Carmona

Plastic & Digital Artist


Carmona’s language seems to continue adding references in a production that as almost always is linked to a personal or professional trigger as a starting point, in a process of inspiration sometimes almost therapeutic and in which he immerses himself in factors that give content to other projects not always artistic, in a process of permeability and compression of what really occupies him, generating this purely artistic language of his own.

The exploration of Japanese calligraphy, is on this occasion, is the trigger of Calligraphy 0, as a result of an evolution in the purely conceptual, betting on the own emotion that he finds after a process of previous experimentation in sōsho calligraphy (草書). It is the most difficult style of calligraphy to master, the characters flow into each other. The cursive style of the sōsho should imitate «the way the wind blows through the grass».

Also the Bahaus and abstract expressionism are its references, generating diverse proposals but of great efficiency and artistic resolution.


Instagram: @fernandocarmona.art
Twitter: @fernandocarmona_art

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