Pol Barbero

Visual Artist


Sabadell, 1987

With incredible strength, Pol Barbero’s language seems to reinvent 20th-century icons within Street art, adapting perfectly to new formats but without renouncing an indisputable personality, redefining messages that he even reinvents from the emotional and the grotesque as an absolute cry of denunciation and inexhaustible testimony.

His musical training also brings an exceptional added value to works full of strength and temperament with the execution of an unquestionable character.

Another surprising aspect of Barbero is his immediate connections with the testimony of society; moving, provoking and denouncing situations. Pol Barbero’s work is a brilliant example in which, in addition, different disciplines converge, allowing us to be spectators and participants of his deepest concern: the human being in his anguished daily life.


Instagram: @d3sert_punk
Twitter: @D3sertPunk


2022 – Exhibition Transarte – Málaga

2022 – exhibition and auction at Duran Auctions’ first Digital Art collection – Madrid

2022 – exhibition and auction at Templum Fine Art first Digital Art auction – Barcelona

Pol Barbero Fine Artworks

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