Photographer / Director / Creative Director


Okaro’s work is complex, sensitive, transcendent, brilliant, but above all of a brutal emotion in which the connection between the vital and the plastic is obvious.
It also surprises its maturity, with resounding approaches where anguish, existence, fear, vertigo …. put in evidence the vulnerability of human beings, their emotionality, their sensitivity in almost epic characters that connect in a sensational way with the everyday, with the real, with an existence that blurs a future not only uncertain if not ungrateful in the best of cases before which to reveal …. however much it hurts us, however much it costs us, rather than surrendering we must appeal to the miracle.
The instant in his work takes on a greater dimension when the contained emotion overflows the subject, and intensifies indescribable emotions in a reflective exercise of deep spirituality. That instant in which any spectator would connect; today that the world is, moreover, more convulsive than ever and where war, peace, love and hate, illness and health, death and life, order and chaos, seem to dominate everything in a polarized vital anguish and from which only the truly transcendent can save us.


Instagram: @okaro_
Twitter: @_okaro_


2022 – Exhibition Transarte – Málaga

Okaro Fine Artworks

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