Moncho Azpeitia

Visual Artist


As in so many other occasions, the roots, the land, and the ancestral culture seem to mark specially the plastic language of the artist. This is the case of Azpeitia, where his connections with the types, with that deep northern Spain, his references to other greats of the 20th century such as Laxeiro make his work and his language a fantastic repertoire of that Spain that survives modernity and that shows us the deepest and unalterable part of the culture of that region.

His energetic language, temperamental strokes, the use of ink and its variations, reflect with enormous modernity and character that Spain that survives despite everything, also incurring in other topics, but also without forgetting the contemporaneity.
His ability as a draftsman energetically portrays those key moments that define a people, a way of feeling and living that also alludes to other realities that more conventional currents have ignored to portray why not that other black Spain of the XXI century.

Moncho Azpeitia Fine Artworks

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