Juan Esteban

Visual Artist


Antequera, Málaga, 1972

His extensive experience in the world of artistic languages allows us to discover in Juan Esteban’s work a fascinating artistic polyglot in which his professional career in communication and digital marketing also merges.

The extreme sensitivity in some of his proposals that now take on a fascinating reading in his transition to the digitally plastic brings a new dimension enriching languages that drink from orientalism, Japonism in the most plastic and calligraphic sense at the same time; culture reference in it, it is also observed here a significant weight from the conceptual even in the figurative, being a mere pretext for reflection and a starting point to connect with traditional Japanese art that prioritizes the suggestion of aesthetics rather than the obvious. It highlights the link that unites man with his context, reflected in an identical proportion of harmony and beauty.


Instagram: @juanesteban.art
Twitter: @juanesteban_art

Juan Esteban Fine Artworks

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